Setting the Standard in Medical Coding Proficiency

Our Company Subsidiaries

Medical Asset Management, Inc. is the parent company of the following subsidiaries that offer various products and services:
  • MAMI Publications, LLC
  • The National Medical Coding Institute (NMCI)
iRCODER.COM, LLC is the software development subsidiary of Medical Asset Management, Inc. This division is known among the healthcare industry for its web-based charge capture software -- iRCODER.COM.
iRCODER.COM helps hospitals and physician practices save time, optimize their workflow and increase their proficiency in the interventional coding specialty. This robust application codes a complete case in just seven easy steps that include diagnostic catheterization, radiologic supervision and interpretation and therapeutic intervention.
Technologists in hospital catheterization labs, interventional suites, ambulatory surgery centers and other facilities benefit from using our product because they do not have to worry about CPT coding. Our development team has designed the software to report the CPT code, chargemaster code or both.  To learn more, visit www.iRCODER.COM
MAMI Publications, LLC
Medical Asset Management, Inc. (MAMI) Publications, LLC is the publishing subsidiary of Medical Asset Management, Inc. This division helps medical coding professionals stay current in the complex specialty of interventional coding through the following publications:
  • Certification Prep Guide for CIRCC Examination
  • Color-Coded Illustrations by Vascular Order Series
  • iRCODER.COM Interventional Newsletter
To learn more about this subsidiary and its publications, visit MAMI Publications
The National Medical Coding Institute (NMCI)
The National Medical Coding Institute offers medical coding courses to prepare you to become a certified coder. Our medical coding classes and seminars have prior approval by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and the American Society of Radiologic Technologists (ASRT). These classes and seminars prepare individuals to sit for the Certified Professional Coder certification examination.