Setting the Standard in Medical Coding Proficiency

Customer Testimonials

"Medical Asset Management is THE definitive company for learning interventional radiology.   Belinda and Gary are constantly checking out new guidelines and rules to make sure their seminars are completely up to date." Michele Bundy, CPC, CIC, Seattle, Washington

 "I've been coming to your seminars for several years now.   It's great as a refresher course but I always end up learning something new!   Hope you continue to offer them!"  Terri Hendrix, Lubbock, Texas

 "I have been coding for Interventional Cardiologists for two years.   The previous coder had purchased your color-coded illustrations, but I did not know the rules for proper coding.   With this seminar, it has finally come together to make sense.   I may be coming back to the Cardiology track in Dallas in May.   Thank you so much for making something so confusing seem so easy! Alisha Swinford, Paducah, Kentucky

"Last year was an awesome year for me but I feel like my biggest accomplishment was passing the CIRCC exam.  I would never have passed if I hadn’t attended your class!  Thanks so much for your wonderful instruction and materials!  I hope to attend one of your courses this year so that I can stay up-to-date. “  Nancy Higgins, “AAPC’s National Coder of the Year -2010”