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Color-Coded Illustrations (THE ORIGINALS)
A Necessary Coding Tool for Interventional Coding

Medical Coding, Medical Coders - Train for a Medical Coding Career!In an effort to improve upon the products available in the marketplace and to assist the interventional coder with this complex specialty, the principals of Medical Asset Management, Inc. concluded that one of the keys to successful training of this specialty was to add color to the illustrations that were the standard in the industry, but not just to simply colorize them-but to change the color when the vascular order changes.

Medical Asset Management, created the Color-Coded by Vascular Order illustrations product and copyrighted the scheme.  Since then, this highly popular color-coding tool has been a consistent, high demand product.
The color-coded scheme allows the coder to visualize the branching patterns of the vascular families and assist in readily assigning the correct procedure code.

The color-coding scheme has become a trademark for Medical Asset Management, Inc. since 1998.

As the originators of this color-coding scheme, our laminated graphics are durable and long lasting.

These graphics are affordably priced and volume discounts are honored. We consistently receive comments such as, "I don't code without these graphics - ever, "These illustrations make coding so much easier", and "I am so glad you all thought of coloring these graphics by vascular order, coding the procedures now makes sense".

We will continue to work with coders and physicians to bring new products to market that will assist in coding interventional procedures.

These products are copyrighted, photocopying them is prohibited.